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Hating Whitey and Other Radical Pursuits

Review of Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes 
By Andrew Stuttaford

May 22, 2000 — “Hating Whitney and Other Progressive Causes,” by David Horowitz. Published originally in National Review

WAS there a David Horowitz in Bosnia, a Cassandra warning of the cataclysm to come? For most ethnic conflicts are fairly predictable, and it’s not too difficult to identify who is going to start them. The underlying message of this collection of essays is that race relations in this country too are being deliberately poisoned, with potentially disastrous results. The culprits are a grubby group of demagogues and ideological hucksters, given their opportunity by the development of identity politics.

It is worth reading what Horowitz has to say. After all, he was once a prominent ’60s radical, a “progressive” pur et dur. Now, thankfully, he’s a conservative (of sorts), but he still writes like an old- fashioned left-wing polemicist. His prose is splendidly savage and invigoratingly rude. David Horowitz has a message to deliver, and if he offends someone in the process, that’s just too bad.

This is an angry book, and with good reason. The “progressive causes” related by the author are full of bullying, career destruction, race baiting, rape, and murder. We may giggle about political correctness, but it is, as Horowitz explains, no less than “the stuff that totalitarian dreams are made of.” As a former Leninist, he understands how the Left plays the game and the tactics it uses.

The most worrying of these is the manipulation of ethnic antagonism. Today’s diversity politics have often been reduced to little more than the “expression of racial paranoia.” The consequences could be terrifying. For as Horowitz warns, “by projecting their fear and aggression onto those around them, paranoids create enemies too.”

Sure sounds like Bosnia to me.

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