I welcome comments on the Black Book and will reply to as many as I am able. I especially welcome comments from the left which so far has pretended that this critique does not exist. This is a throwback to the Stalinist era, and I hope that there are some leftists with the integrity to attempt to meet an argument rather than stamping it out. I hope all commenters will treat the intellectual issues involved and not resort to name-calling and anti-intellectual rants.

David Horowitz

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  1. Mr. Horowitz,
    I have just purchased Volume IX of the Black Book. I’ve read the first six volumes and will start the 7th soon. Thank you for your work over many decades. As a woman in my early 40’s, this set of books has been invaluable to my knowledge and understanding of American history. I will save the set for my kids to read one day. Whether they will or not, who knows? But no one will be able to say we didn’t try.
    Adria McCool

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